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 Hello and Welcome!

*Warning* Anytime I post gaming topics or reviews, I will be random and sporadic.

Background info: I have been gaming since I was three. I LOVE to play. Playing is like air for me. Now, its not all about competition for me, its about the mental challenges that different games provide. I really do not label myself as a girl gamer, pro gamer(unless paid) etc. I identify myself as a Gamer because I play any genres, give a new game a try (most of the time reviews would help in order to convince me if the game is worth playing) and I prefer to complete the games I play (of course time is part of this equation as well).

 *Random Moment*
I do have a gaming list proving my worth as a gamer! (Not really, I just want to remember what games I played/completed), but I will post that at another time*Achievement complete! Its posted!*.

Back to Background info: I want to create reviews about my time spent with games and the randomness that gaming has brought into my life. Gaming is a passion and I love to talk about it with anyone and anytime. Its a joy for me. 

Main Reason: The reason of this post is to welcome and randomly give information about a charity that I think is rad because to give and relate it to gaming equates to awesome-sauce. Here is a link to a great charity that is for gamers/anyone. Every Year (around thanksgiving time), there is a group that are known as Loading Ready Run. They host the charitable event of  Desert Bus which is an online broadcast of where they will do silliness and randomness involving fun games, auctions, guest appearances, sing-a-longs, nerdy talk, crafts & arts, and etc. All the proceeds go to Child’s Play.

Here is more background info on how Desert Bus became a successful internet fund-raiser:

Desert Bus for Hope 7
                    By LoadingReadyRun

 Main Website to Desert Bus- 

If you would like to know the background behind this magnificent group of talented artists whom created Desert Bus, check them out:

Personally, Volunteering or just providing towards children makes me smile. Over time, I have seen Desert Bus grown, and it makes me happy knowing that there is more recognition and effort towards helping others, especially when the others are towards children 🙂


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