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Plants Vs Zombies But! Not a PlayNReview About 1 & 2

“How does a plant defeat a Zombie, who knows but I shall give this game a try!”-CutieRoo

The delightful cheery hearted indie game where plants and zombies coexist, finally came to 3-D life. And! Its just an even more adorably-bad-ass combination that was made to prevail! This game is easy to learn and fun to play with friends and online (mute is necessary since most people don’t talk and just have interesting background noises going on *insert dirty mind tricks here!*)

Garden Warfare is a co-op game where you defend from the zombies’ attacks as various different types of plants/zombies. If you are brand new to first person shooters (FPS) by using the welcome mat, it helps to obtain information about what each plant/zombie abilities are and those abilities grow as you gain levels throughout the game. If you are familiar with first person shooters aka call of duty, then team vanquish would be best to start off with and skip the tutorial (welcome mat). The gameplay can either be co-op or player vs player (pvp), which  brings plenty of fun times with gnome bomb, team vanquish, garden and graveyards, and garden ops.

Another plus about the game is, the customization on appearances, abilities, and character taunts towards each plant/zombie. In order to customize, you have to unlock the character. You achieve this through the currency you earn from playing games.Thus purchasing sticker packs (of course the more you spend, the better the items you receive) can bring you different elements like ice, fire, poison, electric, etc, with the character. More characters you level, you get more competitive gameplay and the harder it is to play.

Now that we addressed the difference in character unlockables and customization, lets talk about the character roles. The different types of roles for the plants are: assault, medic, melee, and sniper. For the zombies they have: assault, medic, engineer, and tank.

Below is a chart specifying every role.


Pea Shooter = Assault Assault Zombie = Assault (Tee-Hee)
Sunflower = Medic Scientist Zombie = Medic
Chomper = Melee Footballer Zombie = Tank
Cactus = Sniper

Engineer Zombie = Engineer


This game is fun to play but there are major drawbacks. The two most major drawbacks being the online connection and matchmaking system. Since the online connection is through EA games, you will randomly drop from the game because of the EA server crashing because its horrible (the kind of horrible that makes you cry NOOOOOOOOO because you got disconnected and either nerd rage or go meherz then have to restart from the beginning).

As for the matchmaking system, it does not balance out the players very well. There will be games where you will defend (as plants) or attack (as zombies) but with one person on the team, (that person being you! No one ever told me that I is in TEAM after all! I guess that makes me a TEAM!) Players on the team can drop out or add on to a game at anytime and you suffer the imbalance of either more plants/zombies on the opposing team *insert another NOOOOOO here*.

Although this game may be a bit glitchy, to me it makes the gameplay funnier  in order to joke around about. Imagine this, you could be in the middle of the game and you go into a building for cover and you notice your head is going through the wall and then you are saying hidee-doo to everyone. I do not mind, since the glitches do not make me stay in one place. Just more like run around in buildings with my head only showing.

If you want a game where your schedule is hectic and you need a 30 min breather, this game provides that. Its worth a try and to play with friends. This game does provide fun towards first person shooters and brings a indie style that we all come to love. If you are a fan of plants vs zombies 1 and/or 2, this game will work for you but better beware that its not a tower defense.

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**Disclaimer Notice**
I provide my opinion of experience with the video games I review by being a consumer and share my voice in the gaming industry.

 Proofed by: R. Arias

 Device used for gameplay: Xbox 360

Review on: Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare



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