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A Story and A Cave became Cave Story PlayNReview

“This game is adorable on all levels and hits the classic spot indeed.”-CutieRoo

I just want to start by saying; this game is one of the cutest games that I had played in a very long time. It’s refreshing in so many ways and being an indie game, makes me appreciate the hard work and dedication. I love the fact that you get different weapons, explore other realms through portals, and the main character is a robot that pew pews all day long. *dirty mind tricks come out to play!*

The story is very disturbingly sad but uplifting in the end. I am not a spoiler gamer but I will clue you into the story. The further you progress, the more you get depressed. *YAY Rhyming Time?* The story does end but so much sacrifice was made. For one; robots breathe under water, say what? Breathe under water and die from lack of oxygen? Okey dokey. Secondily, you could die from all the spikes, pits, and enemies. *The Struggle is Real* Hey, at least there aren’t any moving platforms you can die from. Another comforting thought, you don’t die from falling from a super high area to the ground. Either way, I love the somewhat RPG factor but still maintaining the platform style and being able to uncover this world that is beneath but yet in the sky.

The characters in the game, defines a love and hate relationship. This refers to all the characters that include the good, the bad, and the neutral. The Mimiga you meet are very important *did I mention they are super cute!!*. They are a race that encompasses the entire game. As for the villains, they are your typical villains trying to stop you and rule the world, by being as annoying as possible about it.

Now for the weapon portion. *Cool part!!* Each different weapon you acquire has a level system. The max level that you can reach is three but as you level up your weapon, the more tremendous it becomes. I want to keep each gun levels power-up abilities to be remained as a surprise. *I can’t give up all the good stuff!*

 Look Down Below!!

 Types of the Weapons-

Regular gun (gets replaced but that depends on user)

Missile Launcher

Fire wall gun

Machine gun

Bubble gun

Sword (my favorite)

Missile Launcher Upgrade

 A little fun trick that I learned in the game is that once you get a machine gun, you get to be able to FLY! Somewhat? More like you press down and open fire till your heart flutters with the enjoyment of watching your character go up on the screen.

It has been way too long that I had a video game that I really got entrapped by. If you are stuck on which game to play but limited in your time or not, Cave Story is the game to Start with. It’s full of cute pews pews, cute enemies and characters. After you beat the story you can play again to discover more secrets that this world has in store. No matter what, I would rate this game as exceptional to play. I love old games, and appreciate the hard work plus effort that was made into them, and being an 8-bit game, that has cheesy yet tasteful graphics, Works for me!

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I provide my opinion of experience with the video games I review by being a consumer and share my voice in the gaming industry.

 Proofed by: R. Arias

 Device used for gameplay: 3DS

Review on: Cave Story



2 thoughts on “A Story and A Cave became Cave Story PlayNReview

  1. All I can say is I hate this game, ha just playing I love it. I love how I can rage so hard about dying, yet still keep wanting to play it more. So awesome to get set-up then the game takes it away, I just love the challenge.

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