From Orignial to Remastered, still captures our hearts, Final Fantasy X HD Remastered PlayNReview

“A timeless love story where a boy meets girl, falls in love, and then they are always apart. *REALLY?*”- CutieRoo

Love stories have been told time and time again, but this love story is one that I love to watch not due to what happens, but due to how complicated it is yet on a simplistic theme. Every Final Fantasy title brings a beautifully executed and unique story to life. While each being different than the last, it shares similar characteristics. For Final Fantasy X, the story is excellent and an everlasting struggle of fighting the spiral of death. The tale’s beauty behind the tragedy is fascinating and invigorating, one of many reasons it keeps you playing. On top of, the epic-ness each character and their ultimate weapons, brings to the game.

Now to start this off, let’s get the most important part out of the way. BECAUSE! We all know this is one of the main pitches as to why to buy the game. THE GRAPICS! The Re-mastered version did not disappoint, because the game was great to begin with but worth playing all over again and again and of course, another again (or for the newcomers that get the fresh experience *JEALOUS, but wish you all to still enjoy!*). The new attention to detail makes playing on an HDTV even more intense and surreal. The scenery, the cinematics, the characters, summoning aeons, and battles, all pop with brighter colors making it look more vibrant and alive AND smoother. *Thank you technology and people who worked on it!*

I first played Final Fantasy X on the ps2, thus allowing me to separate all the small but noticeable differences from PS2 to Remastered version. To mention a few, I came across the amount of spheres you obtain after battling enemies, because the drop rate has been lowered. I believe this change was made because of the addition of the new skills each characters posses. Each character is able to attack a monster but at the same time, force it to drop more spheres depending on who attacks. For example, one of the new skills from Auron’s Sphere grid is Power Extract. It damages the enemy at the same time of raising the drop rate of Power spheres. Another noticeable difference is a new chart for showing the damage done by magic attacks whether resisted or weak against for each element. *kind of like Pokémon but visual*, it is very useful for a first time player and a good reminder if people have that moment of brain fart.

The beneficial announcement to this game’s release was the addition of Dark Aeons and fighting the super boss Penance. Only Japan had exclusivity of this feature from FFX (on Ps2) which crossed over the international levels in gaming community. *SUPER PSYCHED, does this mean more!!?* In the game, Aeons are the main reason of for this story and for their purpose of Yuna’s pilgrimage. Along the way Yuna visits each fayth and collects these powerful creatures to create the final summoning and destroy Sin. That’s the idea at least. So now think of their black counterparts and how they have tons more health and tons more damage. For you over- achievers out there if you decide to fight them all don’t think that’s where it ends. After defeating them all, you have unlocked the battle with the super boss Penance! *DUNN DUNN DUNNNNNNN*

Although, there were a couple of things I did not like with this remastered game. Font size was a big deal for me; it seemed quite smaller and harder to read than in the older game. *maybe I should go to eye doctor with my 20/20 to get rechecked* To some people not a big deal, but if I see font on the screen, natural instinct is to read it. The most and biggest upset from this game and still has stayed the same from the last game is……*wait for it….can you guess what it is?….(heavy breathing) BLITZ BALL STILL BLOWS!*

Now a random tid-bit of info, after the horrible Blitz Ball match or fighting the sinspawn during operation Mi’ihen, are your chances to play as Seymour. In FFX on Ps2, I usually rushed these matches quickly because he is so powerful during this stage of the game, and never noticed you can use Seymour’s Overdrive. I became curious and let the fight go till his gauge was full, and unleashed his move Requiem. *face melting* I am extremely glad I did this because I loved every moment of it.

Overall, the remastered version of Final Fantasy ten is worth the buy/time/money to replay over again because of how true to its original game that remained and the changes that were made, only enhanced the game features. It’s awesome how the remastered is close to the original game and the great nostalgia that brought me back to the first time I played this excellent game.

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**Disclaimer Notice**
I provide my opinion of experience with the video games I review by being a consumer and share my voice in the gaming industry.

 Proofed by: R. Arias

 Device used for gameplay: Ps3

Review on: Final Fantasy X HD Remastered


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