A Sequel that soars! Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon PlayNReview

 “Alrighty, I’m just going to say it, this game was a blast to play, *phew* I feel better.”- CutieRoo

After the amount of time that has gone by after the first installment of Luigi’s Mansion for the Gamecube, this game was necessary, but too bad it was only for 3ds. I would of prefer the option to download/buy copy onto the Wii due to the kind of game it was, but nevertheless, this sequel is a success. They impressively improved the story with new ideas and let’s say Luigi’s vacuum has received some major upgrades *OOOOOHHHHH YEEEEEAAAH moment*. Plus even better news, the restrictions to exploring only the mansion beforehand has expanded! Now, you get to explore outside as well *whooohooo freedom!* but watch out! Ghosts get stronger this time around, especially as you progress further into the game.

It is important to note that all these new changes/additions have brought even more personality to Luigi and all the rest of the characters, including ghosts. Professor Elvin Gadd (E. Gadd) makes a great return to the game and is more important/involved due to having a way to communicate with Luigi thru his DS. I have to admit he is pretty crazy, in an awesome genius kind of way. Plus, I never noticed how Luigi’s personality really was his own until playing this game. I always thought he was the jealous brother of Mario trying to live in his glory (although I found a comic that proves Luigi is da man by sleeping with Peach, it’s posted on my website). Random tid bit information to know; play Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door to learn more about Luigi and read his book, it’s really funny and you learn about posers.

My mind has changed on how I view Luigi, I see him as not a coward but a hero doing what is right by him, not just trying to save a princess all the time *Inside Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door joke, tee hee*. Do not despair, I am not bashing on Mario, just giving the credit Luigi deserves and lack thereof. Also, toad makes an appearance as well, and we all know toad to be super cute in every game he is in. This time around he is still cute, but annoying as well. He got in my way most of the time when I had to interact with him. For examples, disrupting my vacuum when trying to suck up a ghost, or getting in my way when I was trying to move forward, or crying and running after ghost was vacuumed up and being near him did not stop him.*glitch much*. I did find it quite hilarious to suck him up through his big mushroom head into the vacuum, in order to get him out of my way. Just like in Resident Evil 4 when I put Ashley in the trash can (You know you all did it! She was super annoying due to being in the way, just admit it).

Undoubtedly, the next best thing in the game is the new improved-fantastical- wonderful-powerful vacuum! Sucking up Ghosts with an improved vacuum, what more can you ask for? You turn in your old Poltergust 3000 for the Poltergust 5000! This new baby comes equipped with a brand new flashlight that can be later upgraded to the Strobulb to stun all the ghosts caught in its flash of light or expose illusions with the Dark-light device. Now get ready to be blown off your feet because it doesn’t stop there, you can now suck not just one ghost but three! Yes you heard me right! Three at a time indeed! And more than three as well! You didn’t see that coming now! Of course though, this means more ghosts to fight in a room/area at once. What is amazing about the vaccum’s features are that they can be upgraded. Sweet! The upgrades are done so by all the money you find throughout the locations you adverse into.

*Spoiler Alert* The story is very similar to first game. Only difference is, a wider map to explore, and a dark moon is involved. Sometimes a dog ghost gets free and crumbles your plans. BUT! Overall story is not different at all. The whole evil-plan-set-into-motion to get your younger brother back from King Boo stayed the same from the previous game. The story line is better due to the characters like Luigi, Professor Elvin Gadd, and ghosts, (etc.) having more personality shine thru.

Although the game was not released on Wii, the graphics for 3ds is stupendously better. It’s funny how a sequel like this did so well. I love the style of travel by having Luigi turn into data and is transported to the destination or you get to look into the windows/cracks and see what is going on with ghosts OR even form a companionship with toad as he joins your adventures. Either way, these little but noticeable or big features to a sequel make the game play worthwhile and enjoyable.

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 Proofed by: R. Arias

 Device used for gameplay: 3DS

Review on: Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon


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