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Overwatch Sneak Peak- Impressions PlayNReview

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My Adventures of Blizzcon 2014, first time for me and it felt so good!

“The adventures of Blizzcon and the first time being there, is as close to having my breath taken away * then again I might die from lack of breathing so no way!* Still fell in love though!”-CutieRoo

An amazing opportunity of going to Blizzcon came onto my doorstep and I was able to join into the festivities of Blizzcon 2014. More importantly, I got to play over and over again, on their new FPS multiplayer game called Overwatch.

Many people are providing a lot of opinions but the overall effect of the announcement to the game is enticing in itself due to Blizzard not releasing any information and kept it quiet for as long as it’s been in production, until now obviously. Another sentiment that adds to the enticing factor is the fact that Blizzard launched out a New Title. Not only it’s a new genre, but a new brand of franchise that has everyone talking (I got an Overwatch T-shirt already! I will wear to my next Zelda: Minish Cap stream with my Big N Dudes buddies). This is a major feat and for Blizzard and the execution was flawless. As I walked into the line for the game, many people kept buzzing, chatting, and tweeting and all I kept thinking was, LET ME PLAY.

As I mentioned beforehand, I played a few times *yes that is an understatement*. Having played the game so many times, I have to say being in a group with people makes a better advantage but having the experience does not hurt your chances as well.

My first time of playing the game, I thought to myself, yes this feels a lot like team fortress 2 and has similarities but the differences are very distinct and unique, making it the awesome game it is. A few things to mention from what I have witnessed are the 6 player vs. 6 player matches and more accessibly change your character class during these matches. Being able to play 6 vs. 6 makes it easier to make teams, rather than have a bunch of random online people coming together. The character switch is easier to do and if you want to change your mind due to the defense being too defensible with Bastons, you can do so now, giving a better edge in the heat of the match! The balance of the game seems to be well done for now, only 12 characters are available to play, although that can change. Don’t fret though, but for certain characters counter each other very well leaving the balance unchanged. Just depends on how they are played by you or the team.

There were similarities I noticed with some of the characters with their classes. For example, the Medic from Team Fortress 2 is similar to Mercy but the difference between these two are, Mercy can glide to the teammate and she has an ultimate that can resurrect everyone who is dead on the battlefield. That’s just one example and plenty more to reference too but I do not like to spoil and want you to decide on it yourself.

Of course many concerns are surfacing about the game. Major concerns being it pay to play or that if it goes to console, but I think those details are minor and that other things need to be considered. My questions are: I wonder if there will be a story mode? If there will be more playable match styles such as capture the flag, death match, etc. and if so, will they introduce any new match styles? Then more questions come to light like: how many characters they do intend to announce? Will they continue to do so like League of Legends by releasing new characters every so often? Those are things that are not necessarily concerning me; just raises the questions that I shall keep in mind during Beta*I hope I get in!*.

The funny fact about this game is that I retired from playing most blizzard games *due to my real life and having limited amount of time* Yet this new game, Overwatch, has not only gotten my attention *and many others* but it got me to come back to play continuously on PC games, but more importantly, it’s gotten me to come back to play a Blizzard game once more*played WoW, Starcraft, and Diablo*. I am looking forward to the Beta Testing in January 2015, and playing with my friends once again. My star rating for this game will not be advised until the full release of the game. Do not faulter! For I shall keep my eye out on time and watch as the beta comes to me! If you are interested, you can sign up for Beta now on their website because I sure did already!

Note to Blizzard! Genius move on your end and thank you for continuing on your work and dedication to the fans and continuing challenge one’s self to strive for more!

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Proofed by: R. Arias
Device used for gameplay: Blizzcon’s PC
Article on: Overwatch


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