Destiny After PlayNReview

“If Bungie & Activision made a baby together, then Destiny would be the name of the child”- CutieRoo

Without further ado, we are back to follow-up of the game that has more ups and downs as well as the biggest love/hate relationship with gamers…..and that is Destiny! Regarding my last review from The Before Shot of Beta testing of Destiny, I have to admit I was left a bit skeptical. Not saying I had lost my interest with the game; I still wanted to play and see how it all unfolds after the Beta. Especially, with some issues that I had wanted to see if Bungie had resolved in the released version.

Considering the hype and build up for this game, it really has a lot riding on it to deliver to the fans. Since its launch, let’s say that is easier said than done *and thus began the controversy!*. This game did have an appeal, and for all the buildup there was to it, was considered as one of the best games for our time. Well….. that did not quite cut it for me. I  was not into it as most people claim it out to be. Was fun for the first few weeks, but eventually realized the time and energy that I would need to put into this game in order to get what I expect from it, won’t work for me (plus my expectations were high). There are other games that I’d rather spend my time on *coughs awkwardly saying….. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel* (because I like the fusion of RPG & FPS, can’t blame a gal that has played RPG’s as her main for 7 years ).

If you are a lover to Halo/Call of Duty series and want a new genre *nifty of Bungie to create a new genre!* of Hybrids of FPS/RPG/MMO to try, then this is a new beginning to broaden your horizons. Has the feel of the first person shooter but you get to play with online players & friends throughout the world. To me it is a combination of MMORPGFPS because of doing Raids, completing missions together, fighting against another player, and stats on the armor and guns (even elements are added) and this is all done in first person point of view *unless you are on The Tower this is where you get your upgrades from materials you find*. Those aspects of a game is what makes me think of this hybrid of a genre.

Personally, I enjoyed playing the game but the pros did not outweigh the cons for me. The story was better than I expected yet I hold my breath only because of the holes left in the main story that weren’t changed from the Beta. I understand that this game will be about Downloadable content; however it seems that it is quite dependent on it as well. These holes are the openings for the DLC they are releasing, but ruin the story until they come out. This makes me think this is a tactic to snare players into wanting more of the story. That being said, this has created many types of players: Players who will be patient and wait, players who will lose interest and move on to other games, and the player who goes through the game looking for the glitches. There have been many players who have discovered the glitches and uncovered areas that are part of the current game but are “unplayable”. I found this to be confusing. Why not just put all of it into the game if it was already there? This makes me believe that the game was just unfinished from the start. I could be wrong but it deterred me from playing even further.

The communication between Bungie and the players still isn’t great. It has improved from the Beta….not by much. They do announce when there are scheduled updates *Did I mention there are a crap ton of updates? I mean there was an update on day one? Come on Bungie! Rant End*. The setup of the launched version of the game and have continued since, make me believe that when the game was released, it was unfinished. The biggest discussions throughout the gaming/Bungie communities are questions like “Could this be the next great game? Or is it another hyped built game to fool the masses?” However, the promises that they keep breaking is not making the appeal for me to stay and play the game. This validates my instinct into exploration of a new adventure with another game.

The more I play, I am convinced that the game has potential of doing well and provides the game experience that everyone is talking about. Only time will tell. The issues from the Beta needed to be resolved by the launch date and not heavily rely on updates and DLC’s to mask the unfinished work. Things that I thought could improve their overall problems with the game are: they should have had the beta testing sooner, found a more organized way to communicate (come on we have social media…. No excuse), and taken everyone’s opinions from beta and weigh them if they were legit or not. Besides these critical things and little minor details to this game, I believe it still does have the potential to be great. Bungie has great ideas for the Destiny title, all we are asking for is a little fine-tuning to these ideas and just hear the fans out to their concerns. Instead of focusing on improvement to change the game entirely, possibly look at where you have to adjust with what you already had created, to make it better. It seems like Bungie may have all their eggs in one basket and can’t decide on which one be cooked first. That being said, I have no judgment or dislike towards Bungie, and they are a great gaming development company that has created fantastic games *aka Halo series and etc*. I am solely speaking my opinion as a gamer toward the game. I still like the game just wish it had a little more to back it up and resolve the issues to make it a great title. Due to the issues that continue to keep occurring and remaining to be unresolved, the game is worth a try to play but I hope downloadable content can resolve the issues.

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I provide my opinion of experience with the video games I review by being a consumer and share my voice in the gaming industry.

  Proofed by: R. Arias

 Device used for gameplay: Playstation 3

Review on: Destiny


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