Kirby Superstar- Flashback PlayNReview

“Give me Kisses, lots of Kisses to feed my helper!”-CutieRoo

The fact of playing this game was quite refreshing due to it being an old skool *yes skool is misspelled on purpose! Got a problem?! Then please report back to me at another time!* Nintendo game. Kirby Superstar really is a joy to play. The features to play with a friend or CPU (I rather play with friend) and explore the games (each game makes it more unique than the last) adds to the game play experience. This flooded me with memories that are not only fond but rekindle my love for old skool games, bringing me all the nostalgia of the childhood gamer starting my journey of video games.

Since the first installment of Kirby’s adventure, Kirby was given the ability to copy enemy powers from certain enemies. It was Nintendo’s first series to revolve around the copy ability and it was not the last because it is the main focus for the Kirby franchise *come on peeps! It’s one of the main reasons we love Kirby so much!*. However, with Kirby Superstar they expanded on his copy ability and was given access to 24 copy abilities *pretty sweet!*. This game was published in 1996 in Japan, USA, and Europe. Kirby Superstar included six subgenre games with three mini-games each bringing a story that includes new characters and enemies. With all those games on one little cartridge from the 90’s, makes it a timeless classic.

The most exciting content about this game was the introduction of the Helpers. These helpers are the copied ability of Kirby’s current power; in which he can create his new comrade. What is best about this is if you do not want it controlled by a computer, you can grab someone to play with you. It is the first Kirby game to introduce cooperative play, and it will not be the last. To make this game even cuter is the way you regain health in the game, is by eating food and you can share it between each other by “kissing”. Be warned though, you only have a certain amount of time to “kiss” before time passes. Do not fret, for Kirby still retains his classic moves of inhaling, swallowing, floating and sliding, and throwing in the power to block attacks too. It does not surprise me that this game is still popular in the entire Kirby franchise.

The grandness of Kirby Superstar doesn’t stop there with the new style change. Nintendo created this trademark for Kirby with a new appearance when he takes on a new ability. Now, Kirby changes his usual cuddly look; into even more cuddlier and badass combo look through the addition of a new hat of the ability he takes on (some may even change his color or give him a weapon to hold). Since Kirby’s first appearance change, it has been a part of every game down the line. Plus the abilities and the new looks get better and better with each new game *hint hint smash anyone? You know you all played as Kirby to swallow the characters to see his cute new look! Admit it! My favorite is Pikachu stalker fan Kirby*. Random Tid-bit of info, the creators abandon the bar health system and used the tip measurement systems, which was later changed back to Hp bars in other Kirby games.

Kirby Superstar was comprised of the subgames and they are the following:
1. Spring Breeze-action adventure platform- is the first adventure in which you play and it’s an updated/remake version of Kirby’s Dreamland from the NES
2. Gourmet Race- a mini game where it’s an on foot racing game which puts Kirby against King Dedede to the finish line. Three levels in all- the catch of the race is you must eat more food than Dedede before you reach the finish line.
3. Dyna Blade-action adventure platform- play the game to gain more details!
4. The Great Cave Offensive- RPG elements- treasure chests, nuff said! More details when you play!
5. Revenge of Metaknight- Similar to Dynablade- action adventure platform- of course I am going to say this, play the game and find out what it’s like!
6. Milky Way Wishes-action adventure platform- all the planets are there by your choice of destination and find copy abilities. However, only way to retain the abilities is once you find the symbol/image/statue of that ability; it is always yours and you get to press select to pick which abilities you do find, because they are always at your disposal!
7. The Arena- survival mode- 1-20 onslaughts of continuous and randomly placed boss fights, and once you die, REDUE TIME. A Hardcode Mode for the Challenger gamers.
8. Megaton punch- mini game challenge- who is strongest on Pop Star? Well you will be the judge!
9. Samurai Kirby-mini game challenge- take on other fights based on reaction time of how fast you hit the button!
Those are the games/mini games inside Kirby Superstar!

By far and wide *tee hee, Kirby joke running in my mind* this old skool game was the remedy that I needed into my gaming adventures. It felt like something new to play with each passing second keeping it fresh, nostalgic, cute and kickass all in the same moment. I can see why this game was super cool to play back in the day and I cannot get enough of! This game is great because of the nostalgia and time well spent on a game that has very few flaws but glitches from time to time.

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**Disclaimer Notice**
I provide my opinion of experience with the video games I review by being a consumer and share my voice in the gaming industry.

 Proofed by: R. Arias

 Device used for game-play: Retron 3

Review on: Kirby Superstar


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