Kingdom Hearts- the Heart that starts it all PlayNReview

“Find the light and your heart will shine.”- CutieRoo

No matter how much time and how long it has gone by, this game never gets old to me. It’s changeless and transcending. Of course, there are a few bumps and it happens with any first-title series game. Yet, it’s worth the play because of innumerable reasons. One of the many reasons being, that this game is the baby of Disney and Square Enix (also known as Squaresoft). They came together and brought out what comes best from both of these companies; a beautiful and immersing story, creating a world that is full of hope & light, and how love can conquer all. The storyline is a fantastic driving force to this game and series (maybe not the cinematics) but you continue to find twists and turns * you keep thinking to yourself, YES I want more please!!!*. The way the mini storylines tie to the overall theme and main storyline is what makes this game worth playing and overall brilliant!

As the game begins, it introduces you into the gaming controls like: movement, targeting, fighting, dodging, etc.(like most RPG style games that come with their tutorials). It does hold true to the message of the main character being delivered into something that has little understanding of, but embarks on a journey to discover it. The intro starts with Sora (the main character) and how this boy has no idea of the power that resides within him. As you continue onward in the game and further events continue, your curiosity wants to know what Sora’s story is all about and why it is going on. An amazing, gorgeous and well done intro (Pretty awesome for when it was released back in 2002) which left me with questions I had to answer and venture onward to see what was going to happen next for Sora.

As the story continues, the realization of how much content is actually involved into this game comes into play. Disney did create worlds and characters that you are familiar with, but not all at once *there are more in each game, too much for one game silly!*. They choose some of the best Disney stories and intertwine them into the main story with a splash of Square Enix in between. Every side story compounds to the main story of Sora’s quest and what he must do to save the vast universe. The ability to travel to all the various worlds in the game is stupendous. Being able to see your childhood Disney characters/worlds come to life and through a video game is completely jaw dropping and makes yourself squeal in excitement (at least that is what I did). Also, the bonus of being able to interact with them throughout the storyline *the best part!* and even fight battles with them when you are in their world *I know right? You literally dropped your jaw too!*.

In regards to switching with characters in your party, it is a downfall. When the game begins you start off playing as Sora. As you continue onward into the beginning of the game, two characters you know and meet are on a mission from the king, and guess who they are? Donald Duck and Goofy *YAY? Guess who the king is!*. Eventually, those three join forces together in order to complete the king’s mission and find the key blade master. Thus begins the journey between the three and is your main party throughout the entire game. The only time the party changes are applied is when a new planet introduction or a save menu point. There are not many save locations on each planet, make a note on where each are due to having to return to that point to switch your character *see the downfall?*. On a bright side, the save menu does heal you fully in health and magic *like other RPGS coughs Final Fantasy Series*. Not all planets allow you to change your party but when you take the chance it is worth to switch your party to the option of the corresponding character for that planet. For example, Jack Skeleton from Halloween town can join your battles *me likie*. You always play as Sora, but it’s awesome to see the accompany character fight with you.

Another downfall is, that you cannot make changes to your items, gear, and abilities during battles *choose wisely! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!*. The menu and save menu are the only locations that allow you to switch out items, gear, and abilities. It does take time to decide what is best for yourself but if you weren’t able to apply your stats, then how is this an RPG?!

Depending on your play style, this is or is not a downfall but in my opinion a downfall to add. The traveling style to fly to all the different worlds is neat but arriving there is something I found more annoying than enjoyable. The main source of travel is with the Gummi Ship (Donald and Goofy uses this space ship in this game). It navigates through a series of obstacles and enemies to arrive at your destination. You will have to continue this at certain points in the game, but eventually you unlock warp travel. Warp travel works by going to planets you visited, but any new planets that get introduced have to use normal travel first. The warp travel negates the downfall add. A potential cool feature to the Gummi Ship is being able to upgrade parts you collect, making it stronger and cooler. However, I did not utilize that because I’d rather work on the weapon portion of upgrades *sinister smile because of keyblade weapon*.

Each world is Disney based, well majority of them. There are only three that I can think of that is not of the world of Disney. Here is a list of all the worlds in the game:
• Traverse Town
• Wonderland
• Deep Jungle
• 100 Arce Woods
• Agrabah
• Halloween Town- get a costume change in Halloween town
• Alantica
• Olympus
• Monstro
• Disney Castle
• The End of the World
• Hollow Bastion
• Neverland

In the same way there were other downfall additions on the technicality side. A downfall being the camera angles do not rotate and work for you when you need them too. You will be in the middle of a fight and the camera angle won’t move in the direction you need it to, thus causing you to suffer damage and screw up your attacks. If not that, then trying to time your jumps to grab items or trinities, the camera tends to go the opposite direction when you try to move it. Not so helpful when jumping is very precise in this game.

Specifically this game falls into the RPG category, but it’s not the traditional turn-based RPG. It is a live-action role playing game. If you’re looking for a non-turn-based RPG then this is right up your alley. It is full of battles and fight combinations that continue to grow as you level up. These combinations can consist of better gear, new abilities for your character, or even new magic spells*(that’s right I said it you can even use magic in this game, can it get any better too, mind blown!*. In contrast, magic is awesome to use but you must access the list of magic and scroll to the attack you want to use while fighting, let me advise you that it is not easy nor fun so practicing up for it benefits the gameplay. During the fights though it is important to keep an eye on your enemies, certain points of the battle your enemy will display fatigue and this will be a key point to launch a powerful counter attack or give you a chance to heal *strategize well young padawan*.

Now for the completionist portion of the game! You are able to gather materials and synthesis to create an a even more powerful –with-better-stats of a Keyblade. If you are the completionist type of gamer, then you can make the best Keyblade by doing this process. However, the process is brutal. It does take time and energy but it is plausible. As long as you do not mind farming and are able to handle that, the ultimate weapon is indeed worth it. Another part of completionist gamer to the game is the “Secret Ending” (you can look on YouTube but if you love the satisfaction of beating a game and completing it, you have to accomplish the criteria’s game to receive THE SECRET ENDING, the criteria’s are: to beat the game in proud mode or on normal mode you need to obtain all Dalmatians, seal all the Keyholes and complete Hades cup).

I love how this game ties your emotions. You get the concept of light vs. dark but you see not only how the light can be consumed or how the dark can be beaten, but the very idea of the struggle that is real and ties to this world and how we all go through the lights and darks of this world. Life does bring hardship but this game portrays that splendidly. You feel for the characters and being the main character of Sora and how his impact is in the story, make you feel like you are a part of that world. I like how the storyline is engaging and well done, but the technicalities of the game play makes it almost intolerable to play.

Now my final words to you, when you start this game prepare to start an addiction. When you end this game prepare to start going to AA meetings, for this game will take up all of your time.

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**Disclaimer Notice**
I provide my opinion of experience with the video games I review by being a consumer and share my voice in the gaming industry.

 Proofed by: R. Arias & Rian Hafiz

 Device used for game-play: PlayStation 2

Review on: Kingdom Hearts


5 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts- the Heart that starts it all PlayNReview

  1. I love the whole series, the magic of taking Disney worlds and character, mash in Final Fantasy characters, as well as new ones is incredible. Its all comes out to be a rather stunning thing to play through and witness.


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