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The time of wonder Limbo PlayNReview

“Why must I die?!? Many many deaths for me indeed!” -CutieRoo

Surrounded by darkness, no sign of light and not even a single sound can escape. It’s like you have been falling in a deep dark hole forever. Afterwards, you awake in a field of grass, engulfed by a sea of trees that seem to go on and on with no end in sight. At last you stand surrounded by little light being engulfed by smothering darkness, intertwining one another making everything difficult to make out. The thought comes to your mind “why am I here?”, and then you move forward to find your way out.

Thus begins the game of Limbo. It’s a simplistic puzzle platform game that pressures you to think outside of the box with its various puzzles that can bring realistic painful death. Each puzzle is unique and better with each step you take forward in the game. Be warned! Each step leads to the next person, animal, or object that is trying to kill you in the worst possible way. You might be skewered, decapitated, drowned, electrified, and much more *getting excited to face this perilous adventure? I know I am!*. The excitement of completing each puzzle kept me wondering what new challenge would come down the path, and what strategy I will have to come up with to overcome it. My advice to you, observe everything in your surroundings because that is key. You will face spiders that you rip apart and bottomless pits with spikes (or endless drops) and buzz saws that will rip you to pieces, and electricity flowing through metal paths waiting to strike you down, and that’s the tip of the ice berg (told you its exciting!).

  Of course there is death around every corner; this is only a part of what makes Limbo excellent. If you do not die by the environment you will surely die from the puzzles. The transparent, smooth, contrasting colors of black, gray, and white created such a vibrant surrounding that immersed you into Limbo itself. The artistic work of the background seems to go on and on with no end in sight, makes you wonder how far you must go to move forward in your journey. Even the character you play as leaves little detail, nothing more than a shadow of his figure and beady white eyes as if he were a ghost. The portrayal of this art style makes you see what Limbo is in itself; an endless plain that you travel looking for solitude that you can be happy in, giving you a beautiful story in just the design alone *I bet this is making you want to play, my evil laugh insert here moment*. There is no dialogue in the game, making the design to the game important and simple. Due to ideas and the creativity behind this game, makes me appreciate the work on a deeper level. By listening to the background noise that is ominous and tranquil, it helps navigate every detail that comes (or about to come) in sight. This reminds me of playing games as a kid because I looked at everything! *all I did was tried to learn how to play and how to overcome my obstacles*.

 Incidentally, there are a few things you should keep your eye out for when venturing through the game. There will be some glowing objects you might come across. Those in fact are the secret eggs and you want to them because they tie to the achievements.

The biggest warning of them all is to avoid the Leech Eco Penis (yes that is what my group *technically I* unanimously called it, *you’ll see why*) this is a slimy white worm that leeches onto your head and has its way with you with it wiggles everywhere. That’s why I have donned it the name Leech Eco Penis *L.E.P.*, environmentally found penis like creature that will ruin your day.

 In the end, this is why I encourage you guys to try out this game. It’s unique artistic and play style is something new to explore, and if you fancy yourself a puzzle and/or platform gamer, then this is a fantastic game to add to your list. Be prepared for plenty of death failures while playing, you might even nerd rage and throw your controller and yell off cursing (I know I did a few times) but the game still calls to you, because you know you can beat it and you know you want to.

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I provide my opinion of experience with the video games I review by being a consumer and share my voice in the gaming industry.

 Proofed by: R. Arias

 Device used for gameplay: Xbox 360

Review on: Limbo


2 thoughts on “The time of wonder Limbo PlayNReview

    • Oh my! When you play let me know, definitely would like to know what you think! I checked out your page and the game that you are developing peeks my interests. I notice it will be playable soon? I would like to give the game you are developing a try 🙂
      Thank you for the compliment

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