The dreamy Luigi and his brother Mario Dream Team PlayNReview

“The time it takes to play this game is longer than one expected, but that does not change a thing! It just makes it that much more enjoyable.”- CutieRoo

Especially, since it’s the new installment to one of the best running series of RPG’s for Nintendo. That’s right! Mario and Luigi are back at it again to save the world and once again a captured princess *I swear this girl always wants to be taken, must like the attention* from the clutches of the mighty and terrifying Koopa King Bowser and Antshma. This time around the world is bigger, the characters are sillier, and the challenges are greater…*interested yet?*. This is by far one of the most entertaining games I have played for my 3DS in awhile, and I am so happy that it was a lengthy story to fully immerse myself into. New ideas have been implemented to this game and have greatly change it for the better making it new and fresh for any gamer to enjoy. If you like a game that tests your skills and pushes your instincts to new levels then this might be up your alley.

I like how involved and interactive this game is. The battles have the usual turn based system but there is a twist to it. During battle, enemies either appear to present a challenge into the battlefield or help the other enemies (they usually occur in the background of the battle). For example, an enemy battleship comes hovering into the background of the battle and will unleash its cannons at you, however you cannot fight the battleship because the distance is to far too destroy it with conventional attacks. Along with its volley of attacks from the background there is also the main attacks coming from the frontline enemies and the best thing you can do is dodge or counterattack. Another example of the excellent chaos that occurs during your battles is a boss fight that really stood out to me because of how intense it was. Mario and Luigi are separated during the battle, and as Mario is forced to battle the main boss at the same time Luigi is battling waves of minions attacking him *talk about hectic man!*. Being able to have that kind of game play brings a new level to this genre (and I have to say I loved every moment of it). One style of battle that Nintendo has brought back to this genre is from Bowser’s Inside Story, is that you are able to become a magnitude of bigness and battle against the bosses by turning your 3ds vertically. What is important to know about the magnitude of bigness battles are that they are interactive as well. Neat-o to that I say!

Your instincts have to be set at an all time high when playing this game because timing is everything in the battle system, but then again that has been like that for every Mario RPG game. A timeless style of fighting that still occurs in this game and that doesn’t stop me from enjoying it. This style challenges you to get you the most out of every attack that you launch at your opponents, with each perfect hit that you land the more damage you continue to rack up and bring the crushing blows to your enemies with that sweeter enjoyment of perfect timing. One aspect of the game that was made it simple is that noticing signs/clues/cues in battle are easier to see with special “excellent attacks” and with enemies. Each enemy gives a clue as to who they are going to attack. Some are obvious but others are settling. Obvious cues are the enemies eyes and where they point to, or if they are going to jump or not and etc. However, reading these cues makes the battling easier (or I am just that good at gaming :p) Beware though, as the game progresses, the enemies get better at tricking you.

I daresay that the humor level to this game has been risky and not innocent. Nintendo has tons of sexual innuendos I mean look at this carrot man doing his dance! Come on! It’s asking to be like, umm what? But then you go like Okay!

Of course what is a Mario and Luigi game without Luigi being picked on? In this game, it shines better than ever; but as you progress in the game, the Luigi jokes are put aside to save the world. However, he does get a new way to work around in the dream world and it’s called Luiginary works and that is the way to be! As you progress through the game Luigi is taught all sorts of move sets to help navigate in the dream world. By interacting with Luigi when he is sleeping you can either pull his nose to help make wind in dream world or help Mario reach new heights by pulling on Luigi’s mustache and flinging Mario onto the higher platform. It’s new and catchy and I like it!

A delightful aspect to this game is the usual happy music, entertaining and enjoyable tunes that change with every environment you travel into really delving you into the game even more. However one thing that stood out to me the most were the little things such as the sound effects for the game, each separate effect was crystal clear and defining to hear. I mean you could even hear Mario and Luigi’s separate footsteps as they travel throughout the game. Something small to most, but I found it awesome to include the detail and I happy to hear it.

In the end, I must say without a doubt this was wonderfully done and fantastic continuation to the Mario and Luigi RPG series. While playing this game did inspire me to replay the rest of the series (and come out with reviews on those as well!). The very idea of creating such an interactive game where everything you are involved in, you must interact with in order to progress further in the game. Where you can have Luigi change the environment of the dream world by just tickling, poking, or pulling on him to help with any obstacle. To the battles in which it can be a battle on battle scenario and have to pay attention to two different screens at the same time! This really makes me appreciate the Mario and Luigi RPG series because they are always hilarious. The battling system is always ever changing and grows to greater lengths, and new challenges that drive and push us to new levels are the greatest enjoyments of the game. This and countless other reasons is to why I would recommend this game to anyone. A great game for you dive and sink into that won’t disappoint for a second.

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I provide my opinion of experience with the video games I review by being a consumer and share my voice in the gaming industry.

Proofed by: R. Arias

 Device used for game-play: 3DS

Review on: Mario and Luigi Dream Team


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