Kirby and The Rainbow Curse PlayNReview

“The rainbow curse to live without color, until a cute pink round star warrior came to save the day” – CutieRoo

This is the latest addition to the Kirby franchise, and once again Nintendo has put a cute new spin on it to grab our attention * of course it got my attention, look how cute it is*. This game is related to the forgotten Kirby and the Canvas Curse (for the DS) and this time around we were given the wonderful idea of making the entire world into clay and the largest amount of color use ever *Think Nightmare before Christmas, with a huge amount of bright colors*! The story is charming and new with the awesome Kirby flare to it, with some new abilities thrown into the mix.

To start off with, this game’s greatest feature that got me instantly hooked was its new art style and the usage of claymation by not holding back on the color at all. The combination of these worked splendidly well with the cuteness that is Kirby, giving it a whole new fresh style to this genre. This is one of the many reasons why I love the Kirby series; each game is new and different. Kirby and the Crystal Shards *my absolute favorite Kirby game just thought you should know* had the new ability combination and the planet traveling. Kirby’s Epic Yarn made the entire world out of wool, even to our loveable Kirby. Now, the new excitement to the game is full of tasteful coloration with an art style that worked marvelously. The visuals are very stimulating to the eyes, from the claymation to the bright colors that pop out in a tasteful manor, dances with your eyes and immerses yourself into the rainbow world *or bring the grey color some shades to it*.

Aside from the new art styles to the game, there are different types of transformations that are given to Kirby. Instead of the traditional copying ability by sucking in the enemy and swallowing it whole, Kirby is able to shape his body into new shapes. He can shape and transform himself into a rocket, a submarine, a tank, and make himself into a huge rolling ball of death Kirby. Each transformation changes the game to shift into different subgenres and sometimes has auto scrolling. Although the transformation into the ball of death Kirby is given to you at anytime of the level, you must collect a certain amount of stars first to fill up your gauge in order to grow. This is one of the few platforms of the Kirby games that do not have the function to suck & copy the enemies.

Nevertheless, this game isn’t all cute and cuddliness, it does require some skill to get the controls down in order to collect everything, fight and move properly. Throughout the game Kirby will not walk and jump, he just rolls like the little pink ball that he is and he is lead by a little rainbow path that you create for him. That’s right you will guide Kirby along with the path that you draw for him, your main controls are the game pad and stylus to aid Kirby in his journey. This may throw some players off if not use to this style of play, and you will be tested on your skills because there is a gauge of rainbow that you are given to draw Kirby’s path forward, up, down, and backward. Luckily, the game starts off a little easy to get you into the controls before it throws its full force at you *think you have what it takes?*.

The game play puts the multitasking and timing on a level that is unfeasible but is required in order to play. Think about how you have to use the gamepad to play as Kirby then make a direction that he follows but then you have to change direction all the while of tapping Kirby to attack any upcoming enemy. The levels are a mixture of time and logic that is demanding throughout the game. The importance of learning to use the gamepad and drawing on it will be your success. However, you could use another type of controller that is compatible with WII U but that would only work for Waddle Dee (aka Player 2). I did a duo let’s play with my besty and getting to have the option to play with a friend made the game play better. It was easier to beat enemies and able to navigate the level together. Although, friends can get in the way *or you get in their way, brings a little spice to the game*.

Although, there were a couple of drawbacks/downfalls that I found with this game, those being the Boss battles and how short the game is. The boss battles do become repetitive and a little harder but the challenge to them isn’t there. Another strong point into the Kirby series that I like is the boss battles. They had new boss battles each time and they were different and fun to explore. However, in Kirby Rainbow Curse they would be the same bosses just revamped or upgraded, which made the game predictable and not as challenging. If the boss was to remain the same then it needed to have an extra challenge with it, not a metal piece that made it so that you had to use the roller ball giant Kirby to hit the metal crack. Another downfall to the game is how short it was. I really wanted more levels to play because for what the game is weak in makes up for what it is strong in, which are the levels. Throwing in a couple extra levels would be nice to give it that great appeal and continuous play that we all have with the other Kirby games we love.

That being said, the game was still fun to play and enjoyable experience to share with my friends. Some of the neat features like being able to use the amiibos of Kirby, Metal Knight or King DeDeDe helps give the game new features that add on to the game play. This even gives you additions to your style of play on how you use them, opening up a whole set of new challenges and feats to be achieved. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse may have had a few flaws, but it still had that great Kirby flare to keep me hooked and love the game with every obstacle that came my way. I definitely recommend playing this game if you love the Kirby series and want to continue this little guy’s adventure, or if you’re looking for a new game that will give a challenge with the game controls while being stuck on the amazing visuals then this is definitely your game.

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Proofed by: R. Arias

 Device used for game-play: Wii U

Review on:  Kirby and the Rainbow Curse


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