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Space Bots PlayNReview

“Pew Pew to comets on a different level” – CutieRoo

An interesting little game to pass the time, if you have the time to kill, it’s a fun mixture of pong and brick breaker. The overall idea to this game is prevent letting the comets get through the space hole you are in charge of protecting with the moveable platform that you are in control of. The area you protect is decent size to where you will have to move back in forth from invading comets.

As the game continues forward, more comets are produced increasing the chaos and each comet bounces in every direction imaginable to test your skills to pay attention on each comet. Even though with things increasing that present more of a challenge, there are some perks given to you by different comets based on their colors, some can give you extra lives, etc.

Spacebots is a great idea of combining two games together to get a cool concept to a new game, one I found fun to play when I had the off time between everything else in my life. Combine that with the cute different little artwork that is designed with it, gives this game a neat little concept.

However, the flaw I had with this game as you continue forward it does tend to glitch and randomly shuts off while you are in the middle of the game. I found it quite bothersome especially when I was getting really into the game and racking up an awesome score *I mean come on I was going for the top score!*. The developers do provide updates and the game is currently growing. If you want a quick game that is free, it is worth the try.

 Creator Downloads:

Appstore Link-

Android/Play Store Link-

Game Trailer-

Proofed by: R. Arias

 Device used for game-play: Android Phone

Review on: SpaceBots


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