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Deadpool Merk of My Mouth PlayNReview

“Merk with the mouth! Count me in! I fell in love and can’t deny it. All I needed was a Merk for me!” – CutieRoo

There is no better way to start this review other than with one simple word….EXPLOSIONS! This game has more gun shooting, explosion blasting, and profanity crazed randomness that you could not even believe. Every time I turn the corner, Boom! Then another, Bam! And then another, Yeehaa! all coming from the Merk with the mouth himself. That’s right the one and only character to be “mentally insane”. The only one to break the 4th wall and converse with you *well insult you really*. This is just the icing on the cake of what makes the Deadpool game one of all time best and hilarious games out there *I mean come on its freaking Deadpool what is there not to love?*. If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box-kickass-kind of game, then come no further because this is exactly what you need in your life. You might learn a thing or two along the way.

Of course as the title suggests, the main character you follow and play as is Deadpool! He is the loveable insane little merk who has quite a few personal problems. Yet, these problems added to his already warped personality, therefore have the makings of an excellent character. Now what you may ask is; what are these issues that he suffers from? Well that pertains to co-occurring mental disorders that give him his lovable/destructive fondness that we come to enjoy *unless you are a very good holy type of person, then he might not suite your interests very well*. That being said, his disorder creates two voices with different balloon bubbles. Now that may not seem like much but each voice is different from one another, it’s like three characters into one character…if that makes any sense. Anyhow, the first voice indicates that of a child while the other being that of an adult voice; both arguing with each other or with Deadpool, adding their own insane ideas as to how Deadpool should approach a situation, and of course lots of explicit random content from one another. Creating these “characters” within Deadpool adds to the hilarity and destruction throughout the game, I for one, have come to love *and you thought this was going to be boring, HAH!*.

Although the style of humor in this game is a bit outrageous and un-tasteful to some, but I find the specific humor to be quite amazing because I identify with its childish pranks and sarcastic implements on a daily basis. It is taken to a whole other level when they combined it with the many dangerous situations that Deadpool gets into. However, don’t take things so seriously because you may get taken back from the midst of dying every other second. You will be generously rewarded with tons of Rainbows and riding a flying tiger with epically big guns in your hands and a woman gripping by your side or be surrounded by women in a hot tub like manor that is a centennial boot with water, whichever works *any GIF or MEME lovers out there? Because this game is full of potential for them*.

Finally! I get to mention the immense diversity of the fighting styles and weaponry that you can choose from and make into your own. The mechanics almost come off as a somewhat RPG style game because of leveling up single character by choosing new moves and weapons to equip him with as he gains Deadpool points, then throw in some beat’em 3rd person action style and you have the makings of a exciting game. The mixtures of different combos are juicy; you can go between a mass heavy hitter set of combos, or the fast flurry of light combos, or even do a little of both *You be the judge and decide your fait*. Oh and I forget to mention that you can switch the combos up by adding some swords and guns too! The weaponry involves *mind you everything is double handed, he is ambidextrous afterall!* swords, sai, guns, machine guns, shotguns, pulse rifles, grenades, and etc but definitely many selections to choose and to fight with.

Upgrades are definitely important and best in order to progress further in the game. All necessary to help improve you’re: damage dealt, your damage over time, increase your array of combos, and make your overall character abilities even more badass. Some of you may already know his already acquired abilities, but for those who don’t… Deapool has an insanely fast and impressive healing ability,*I mean the guy can be disemboweled or even beheaded and he will just fine*. He even has the handy teleportation ability of his to make himself more lethal or to just toy with his opponents and dodge like a boss. Mind you this just adds onto Deadpool’s skill set which is impressive. His skill sets are healing instantly to being ambidextrous with swords and guns, to teleportation (that helps evading), to being a DJ; honestly anything goes with him!

Additionally, to all the chaos and hilarity that goes on in the game, you’ll notice some familiar faces from the Marvel Universe coincide with the storyline. These characters are better known from the X-men series: they are Wolverine, Psylocke, Domino, Rogue, Sinister, and etc. On the other hand, you do not get to play all of them, but there will be one character you do play as for a short while *keeping it a surprise*. Other than just interacting with each other through the story, there is one badass character that a co-computer plays with you and that is only at certain mob points. That character and his name is Cable! That’s right the time traveling, techno-path comes in to help with Deadpool and to get his vengeance on Mr. Sinister himself. As you battle throughout the game, the enemies get harder with progression, but no worries Deadpool cannot help but keep his quirky humor from shinning through all the blood, death, and decapitation. As I said earlier, Deadpool is the only character (well in the Marvel Universe) to break the 4th wall, so he does banter with the player mainly if you’re playing well or playing crappy *don’t take it as a bad thing, use it as motivation to push yourself*. Nothing is left untouched by Deadpool. He cracks jokes at everyone and everything that he wants to make a joke at *sounds like me!*.

There were some downfalls that I encountered throughout the game that might annoy some gamers *I know I was a little, but more of a flare with AWW logic in my mind went out the window!*. These problems are not unbearable but it is a noticeable part to the game play. One of the major flaws was the lack of ability to backtrack in the game. You would reach certain points in the game that you would like to backtrack on but instead you just teleport or die (that is due to lack of pressing the teleport button). If you knew you skipped something because you progressed further because of enemies trying to kill you, or wanted to finish a part you basically are screwed out of it. I am sorry but I like to explore and collect everything I can, which means obtaining Deadpool points, ammo, health, etc. it is important to me. Secondly, the other problem was camera angles but it only occurred during battles *dare I say timed perfectly or poorly angled?*.This did make things a little harder at times but nothing you cannot work around.

I am not afraid to admit this but Deadpool is my new favorite character, and you can fall in love with him too. This game helped open my eyes to the excellence and brilliance that is Deadpool and I could not have asked for a better character to get to interact with. Deadpool is the only one to have super self-awareness and being able to break the fourth wall barrier *which blew my mind away* and how random he is as a character and brings every ounce of his greatness to make his game a successful hit. My overall favorite part to the game is how it stays true to the character and how it interconnects all together with the randomness he brings. I could not put the game down because of my lust for more to come, and all the nonstop butt-kicking and sarcastic insults during fights, I couldn’t get enough of. If you are looking for a game that is bit out of the ordinary but has some fantastic elements that drive you to be your best, and will make you laugh out loud from the craziness that ensues, this game is something that will be an interest for you.

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**Disclaimer Notice**
I provide my opinion of experience with the video games I review by being a consumer and share my voice in the gaming industry.

Proofed by: R. Arias

 Device used for game-play: Xbox 360

Review on:  Deadpool


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