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“Similar to computer keys on the home screen?!- This game screams me in so many ways” – CutieRoo

An excellent artistic point of view combined with a dash of creativity, and the pleasant usage of good ideas makes this game a little gem in my world. In the gaming industry today, you tend to get mainstream/blockbuster games (don’t get me wrong I still love and play) but non-mainstream games like this bring me back to why my beliefs in expressing our minds through the best outlet which is video games, is a reminder that is welcomed. By far one of my favorite RPG’s *I will agree I have many games, I like to be very open like that*.

This game’s story and function is great throughout the time you play, creating a game that you do not want to put down. The game starts off with a boy named Terry (the main character and you play him, *more to that later*). However, there is a twist with the style of this game, as Terry progresses through the game it’s prevalent that he is unaware that you the player are controlling his actions and body *you are like isn’t that how all games are, right?*. That is where the twist comes in! Terry eventually realizes that he is being controlled by you (breaking the 4th wall, he is aware of your existence) you can’t help but feel bad for him because you realize he knows you are “using” him*talk about screwed up*. You meet another character known as the professor and speaks/instructs with the user/you throughout the game. It seems like you two are the only ones that know what is going on but all the other characters are skeptical.

The game continues with these two main characters, well beside your lovable companion named Mochi. Another character that you get to interact/play with during the saving screen is a cute a dog but think he is a cat *I shall remember for a future pet name* and he always comes to save the day. This is one of the many neat features of this game, making it even more amazing. What makes Mochi an incentive to play with him during save screen time is the more you play with him (in various activities) he becomes super strong. This is important, due to the fact; you can have Mochi battle with you (it is a onetime deal until you regain all your cards) in the different encounters you will face. Mochi is best; he kills/destroys all the enemies on your screen (if you have played enough with him) and will continue to help you throughout the game. *I want a pet like Mochi!*.

The premise of the story is you will fight various battles to help the dear professor obtain his missing power cells that are scattered throughout the world. Traveling gives you no worries on transportation because teleportation is a simple way to go with the abundance of travel points in the game.

Additionally, another feature that I enjoyed is the Battle Mode; you are given the choice of starting any battle that you wish anywhere/anytime. Not your typical randomization settings for battles, unlike, most RPGS I have played. It’s real time combat to enjoy. If you are itching for a fight, you will find an opponent and press the magical “B” button and bam you are in battle mode *you also get the sweet battle music playing when you switch into battle mode*. After awhile of battling and continuing this, you will notice a little icon appear above the head of the main character indicating you have a change in your overall stats. Now you might be thinking to go through the game and become god like in stats, but if you become to overpowered enemies won’t fight you, they will just run away instead. The more you use them in battle the higher your stats will advance, although, some of your stats are not necessary to being upgraded because they have no benefit for the character. For example, during battle you will not need to raise your defensive stat if you are being attacked by magic, because it will not aid against it. Plus, with you attacking with magic and taking an enemy out will regenerate some of your magic back. It is an interesting outlook and complex battle/stat system to give you a different feel to it.

Next your health can be recovered by the consumption of food, but pay close attention though on digestive time because it does play a factor into recovering health. Eat small meals frequently that do not fill you up as much and watch the food disappear before your eyes *Man! Are the people from that game constipated from all that food?*. This is not the only method of recovery though. With each save point in the game next to it gives you a bath and that means time to rest up and replenish your health, and there are plenty of places to save/rest which is another mention-able and great feature.


Besides battling to increase your power in the game, there are also in game costumes collected throughout the game. Each has a certain set of perks that give you different stats and abilities to help in situations. You can be a Shadow Thief gaining skills with lock picking, or switch over to your chef costume (called Mr. Cuisine) to cook higher quality food for better health increase, or use other costumes to gear up your stats to your style of battling. My advice is to be geared to being a magic user or a more physical fighter on certain battles. When you want the costumes, you do need to find or obtain the costumes beforehand.

Better yet there is a system applied to the game called Decals. Essentially, they are cards dropped by enemies you defeat that you can collect and add improvements in different aspects for your character. Incidentally, there is also feature I didn’t quite like, which is the adaption of the Stickers. There are some stickers that have different uses in the game, some to be obvious while some were a bit confusing on what they exactly do. I believe it to be a cool addition to the game just not executed out well to have it work properly.

To conclude, I will admit this is a different type of ending because of being quite ambiguous, leaving with more questions than those satisfying answers and WooHoos of beating the game. For starters the ending sequence leaves you wondering if this has all come from Terry’s imagination, and could it actually be real? However don’t be fooled because the good professor has had our back the whole time, by informing us that he has been communicating to us the whole time with the power of his mind. It is an interesting take of having the game actually communicate toward you when it is completed. I won’t divulge anymore than this and to leave you wondering about this game by building interest to surge forth your interest by playing and experiencing it yourself *plus I try my best to not spoil*. This is an outstanding game with a lot of amazing features and great ideas that were awesome to have in a game. Creating hope that games like this will come for future gamers otherwise, they are missing out.

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**Disclaimer Notice**
I provide my opinion of experience with the video games I review by being a consumer and share my voice in the gaming industry.

Proofed by: R. Arias

 Device used for game-play: 3DS

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