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Albert and Otto Magicness PlayNReview

“When you thought red bunnies were just the color of red. I am afraid there is more to the story because this red bunny encloses magical abilities” – CutieRoo


The first thought that came to mind when I first laid eyes on this gem-of-a-game was *oh great another indie game that is similar to Limbo…*but I was wrong! The game in itself brings its own charm and heart. Nothing of the sort of limbo’s design and style that has been introduced. While playing Albert and Otto, I noticed some of the ideas that were implemented were their own and that helps separate itself from the other indie games out there. Such as, the ability to use a magical bunny that gives you powers in order to help solve the obstacles you come across. The other positive thing I noticed is despite some of the puzzles being a bit repetitive, the achievement of completing the puzzle is always different leaving you feel accomplished and interested.



As I mentioned before, a few things that stood out for me that helped make Albert and Otto its own game is the cute-little-red-magical-bunny and the ability to use a shotgun. Now these two items will be used throughout, and will be necessary to progress forward. With each puzzle you come across, you will be using your little furry friend to aid you in solving them; giving the game an appealing twist compared to some of the other puzzle platformers I have played. Plus, the shotgun puts an enjoyable influence on the game *Plus! It helps to eliminate any foe that comes your way*. However, this is the only weapon provided to you, and no other weapons will be given *for now*.


In terms of story-line for Albert and Otto, I found it to rather intriguing through the way it was told. As you progress, the story-line unfolds when you visit your mail box and read the mail inside. Now this doesn’t implement cut scenes. It’s just a letter you focus on and learn more about what is happening with drawings that the mysterious girl sends.


In addition, the next thing that I wanted to discuss are the graphics and artistic style of the game. The quality of graphics was taken into a new direction compared to most indie games that try. In this case, they do catch your attention and was a great idea to try because it succeeded in how it did stand out. The artistic design almost follows the path of Limbo but has more attention to detail that gives it a very tasteful style. It ties in well with the obscurity and gloomy design, but not as ominous as Limbo where you don’t know what is going to come out to kill you next. I feel like the music helped in aiding this very well to help contradict that dark and scary vibe.


 There was a drawback for me when it came to playing and that was the contrasting between white and black. There would be moments where I would be playing and the character would blend into the white color and completely disappear or make it very hard to see him.


Another one of the pleasant moments of playing Albert and Otto was the music they created for it. It was very pleasant to my ears, and flowed very nicely to each changing environment or situation that may happen as you progress.


In conclusion, I found Albert and Otto to be a very delightful and creative game even though it was rather short leaving me with wanting more. Fret not though, this is only episode one of the Albert and Otto series and more is set to come in the future. KBros has made a well-rounded game that is full of potential to become even greater than it is now. I am beyond excited to see what is in store from them with current development of this series and other games in the future from KBros. If you are a fan of the puzzle platform style games, this is a game that I definitely recommend to add to your list to play when going through the vast collection of Steam games available.

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I provide my opinion of experience with the video games I review by being a consumer and share my voice in the gaming industry.


 Proofed by: R. Arias

 Device used for gameplay: Steam, PC

Review on: Albert and Otto


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