Yoshi Woolly World PlayNReview

“Yarn Thrives is where Yoshi wins over how cute this game is!” – Cutieroo

The newest addition to the ever cute and amazing character comes back in the form of a yarn which created with Yoshi and extends to his entire world.  While playing this game I was brimming with excitement for quite a few reasons; yes, the reason of the new concept of a yarn gameplay and style was quite tantalizing which possessed me to obtain the game. However, one of the best reasons I fell in love with this game was quite simply the addition of a co-op mode. This stood out the most because this feature has become quite fleeting over my years as a gamer as much so for it to actually become a rarity. Nintendo always has a way to rekindle those childhood memories with their voluminous games, but this brings back those great memories of playing with my friends and beating a game together. This is just the start to how sweet this game is.

Now I am sure you can tell that I played with a friend *I mean how can I pass the opportunity up!*. I will admit I wasn’t disappointed with my choice of this game or how I played it. I say this because it added a new feel to this game: competitive natures, messing up your partner to tease them, as well as how we played together to overcome the obstacles in the game and clear the objectives. When playing together you are both on the one screen and progress together. If one of you falls behind you will meet your demise. This will happen a lot due to the game being an either side-scrolling level or platformer level. This is something you will have to get used otherwise another strategy would be to play well together *if you want to play nice that is*.

 Like in older Yoshi games, there were always items to collect while playing each level and this has not changed but mainly there are a few additions to keep it spicy. These items consist of flowers, hearts, gems/crystals, *I like to just say rupees* stamps and yarns. They are each hidden throughout the levels and some are in cleverer ways than most. In order to beat the game 100%, you need to find all these items. Also, by collecting all the yarns in each level you gain a new Yoshi *just a little incentive of cuteness to add on, I love it!*.

Yay cuter additions! There is a lot to look forward to with the new Yoshi’s that you can collect with each level you complete with all the yarns you find. You get to choose between these different Yoshi’s anytime you are on the main world overview *insert cuteness overload now, EEEKKS*. Another addition to this game is the collection of badges. This can change how you play each level because badges help make the gameplay easier. For example, if you didn’t want to die by falling in a pit they have a badge for that, or to find hidden items and etc. Don’t think you will be able to use them all the time because they all come with a cost value and that’s where all those fancy *rupees* come to play.  No fretting though! Because every once in-a-while badges will be free to use (plus for those who do not want to spend their gems on them). I hardly did buy them and used them until the end of the game when I was having fun with my bestie to see what each badge was like. I think it is fun to experiment and see which badges were the best with each level. If you are looking for an even more casual play-through you can turn on mellow mode and basically fly through every level and you can’t die. I really recommend for the little ones learning to play use this mode.

This game successfully established the feel of Yoshi’s Island by the gameplay and enemies. Being able to maintain the balance of the older Yoshi island games and providing a fresh-colorful-upbeat-new style and atmosphere kept this game interesting. Each level has a unique style by combining yarn and knitting of the designs that reflects in each stages *super cute!*. There are differences from previous Yoshi Island games like using yarn to wrap the enemy up then having to bounce on them in order to defeat them or pushing to reveal hidden items, etc. Although, they did bring back a favorite addition to the Yoshi games and that were his many transformations. There were some new ones like the supersize Yoshi, motorcycle Yoshi *my personal favorite! Why aren’t there Amiibos of these forms!* then mermaid, airplane, and umbrella. Digger Yoshi transformation remained unchanged (see list below for the visual). In order to use the transformation, the all-time classic favorite mini-games came into the play and I am very happy to see these come back.

That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment this game had brought to me and loved all the new things to uncover and try out. Every world was fresh and vibrant with tons of cuteness *I say this a lot because it was amazingly cute* plus his was creatively designed and had its own style. No other level felt the same and kept me wanting more. This game is playable with kids or adults and makes everyone have a fun time by grabbing each other with Yoshi’s tongue and swallowing you whole. My point being is, the competition is friendly but still fun to bust each other in a playful way by messing with one another.  I instantly got hooked and beat the game as soon as I started it because of how much I kept playing *let’s just say it was non-stop*. I must confess that I do have to go back and aim for the 100% completion because I want to play more and did not get enough of Yoshi and his yarn.

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 Proofed by: R. Arias

 Device used for gameplay: Wii U

Review on: Yoshi Woolly World


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