Californithon and Speedrunning, my thoughts

I just have to start out by saying, this is my first time going to a speed-running event experience (at Esportsarena) and it was by far the most amazing experience I had! I met tons of speed runners that performed live at the event (there are people who came to watch) and they are some of the nicest gamers I had the pleasure of meeting.

That weekend was filled with such joy as I walked into the arena with my three friends by my side. Showing the place to Supersonic and R3dninjajosh for the first time (and they were amazed) as we traverse the place to look for… CALIFORNITHON! We walk up the stairs and head back behind the curtain and came across a good-sized crowd of speed runners, with a massive big screen TV they were playing on that was being used to live broadcast the event on Twitch; complete with two standing mikes that the player and special guest/host/friend they would speak into, and a huge comfortable couch to sit upon. Yes, this is where all the action was happening.

Background information about my friends a. I super support them! and b. my friends are R3dninjajosh, Dreadnaut316, and Supersonic71087 that joined me at this event. My one friend Supersonic71087 loves and always been interested in speed running and introduced this gameplay style to me. He has runs on his YouTube Channel, and showed me videos on his personal best speed runs on Mario and Sonic. My other friend, the one by the name of R3dninjajosh who came from Santa Cruz, CA was one of the runners participating at the event. He ran Mickey and Mystical Ninja. He has been to other speedrunning events like AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick) with Mickey. In other words, it’s a passion for him and I can see why he loves it so.

Can Watch R3dninjajosh and I at Californithon and see his run in action down below-

For a while now, I use to think speed running was not going to work for my playstyle because I tend to explore and want to know every detail of the game. However, I learned that you can still explore but in a whole new style and in a very unique way. After talking to a few of the experienced speed runners like Peaches and Zorlaxseven, they answered my many questions and I got their own personal feedback on how and why they love speed running. I was extremely thankful because they really showed me their passion and commitment to their gaming and what the meaning of speedrunning is all about (my other friends explained to me, but when do you listen to your friends? *Big joke to R3dninjajosh, Supersonic, and Dreadnaut*). Plus, they were super supportive and super happy to talk about the games they play. I really can imagine the dedication they put into their skill of gaming while we were conversing.

Personally, I had very little experience with speedrunning. That didn’t stop me from exposing myself to it and seeing what it was all about. I started by taking the 12hr speed run challenge by playing Super Metroid with the group I am in (The Unknown Gamers RRC WOOT!). Let’s just say the story of how that challenge was presented was when I was being super sassy and competitive with R3dninjajosh and told him how I will win against him one day. Reality sank in slowly as a harsh lesson of learning that speed running is not as easy as it sounds. I was naïve to say the least. Ever since this event, it really has changed my perspective towards speedrunning and the speedrunners.

Now, I am considering to be a serious speedrunner and I shall prove that I can at least obtain my new goal of speedrunning a game completely, with a great personal best time that I will feel proud of to present at Californithon. I will be practicing my abilities as a gamer, by learning what my speedrunner skills are and to play with Supersonic and/or R3dninjajosh. Plus, doing my homework during the week by and supporting the community with watching speedrun/speedrunner’s channels on Twitch. I am super serious about learning to speed run, as well as how I will be as a speedrunner. Now, the search is on to find the perfect game that will suit me to compete; at my fastest time and make a personal best time for myself.

Links below to Speedrunning Information worth checking out!

Twitch Streams-





Speed Run Info-




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