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Cassandra Plays LAYERS OF FEAR PlayNReview

“Ever been to a place in the corners of your mind? Well I haven’t until now- by being shown through the light throughout the night into an artist’s corners mind”- Cassandra “CutieRoo” Lenhart

Are you yearning for a story? One that will make you wonder and question reality? The kind of story that makes you continuously scared, but linger around to continue and answer why this is happening?


Search no longer for I have found one that will do just that and more; I am speaking of LAYERS OF FEAR. It is a first person view of the eyes of a painter, who is the character portrayed in this game, has some psychological issues, and the madness inside this artist’s mind is astonishing. Bursting forth a whole new realm that you will traverse through with all sorts of surprising twists that practically jump out at you with such malice and joy *cough hint cough*.

Being able to vividly depict the story through a first person perspective makes the whole game surreal, it kept my eyes glued to the screen as if it was actually me in this world losing control of my sense of reality.

Surprisingly one of my favorite parts of this horror game was the fact that is wasn’t just the usual overwhelming jump-scare type of a horror game. At the same time there were plenty of moments where I did jump out of my seat, however the difference to this game is that it tastefully tares into your mind psychologically thru every detail and surface you uncover. To emphasize the characters ever growing insanity, the game will continuously change it’s surroundings the more you play through. Rooms can suddenly change from what they were before like: you will see normal objects such as dolls or books that take shape of a human form and move around the room frantically or see eyes or faces peering through spaces or mirrors almost into your very soul *getting eerily interesting, am I right?*.

I will admit I was scared because the overall idea, and being in a mansion in the Nineteenth century being all alone with only yourself, can be scary. The darkness creeps into the overall scenery making it almost impossible to see what is in front of you and what unknown areas/items you will uncover, and what you may run into when the madness dwells around more and more.
For the purpose of understanding what is happening to the artist you must search through your home to find clues as to aid you and with the overall development of the story. Now for those who dare to play layers of fear, the storyline is full of such sorrow but gathering all the clues tells you about the history of the painter.

As for the overall story it begins like this. Once upon a time a painter lived a glorious mansion filled with many rooms, empty hallways, and elevators. The people who lived in this house are a family of three, one being the painter, his wife, and their child. However, there was one flaw with this happy family picture, the painter was obsessed in painting the greatest and utmost perfect painting in the world. Well at least his world. At the same time during his process of creating the perfect painting a traumatic event happened where he loses his family. As you go through his mind and home you can tell how he has not recovered from it all. His mind swings into a series of seizures (which btw if you are prone to seizures, this game has moments where they occur) causing him to perceive things differently or perhaps it is how his mind truly is? Maybe the past is coming to haunt him to make him understand the love he had for them or the love he lacked.

Layers of Fear_20160223134446
This horror game left me feeling afraid so much that I had a hard time playing it at first. Despite this I was able to muscle through it and see myself towards the end, where I was able to finish with an ending that I did not expect. The ending of himself being painted on the canvas as his perfect picture. Although this may be true as for one ending of the game, I have uncovered research about the endings of this game and found that there are multiple endings, each one is different with how you play the game. Well? Do you dare play to see which ending you get, and see how your story unfolds?

Well I personally dare you too and to come back to tell me once you do.



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