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Cassandra Survives EMILY WANTS TO PLAY PlayNReview

“Pizza delivery boy working a part time job to earn some extra cash, got more than what he bargained for.” – Cutieroo

Imagine being a pizza delivery man whose got this deep pan dish pepperoni to deliver like you normally would. However, there is this suspicious open door to the house and being the kind man you are, you venture in to make the delivery *that can happen still in this day and age? *  After walking through the door it suddenly shuts behind you, and next thing you know you see this girl with white hair standing there looking at you with such love in her eyes. Love full of evil that is.

EMILY WANTS TO PLAY – Poor little girl being raised by troubled parents who did not know how to handle their wee girl who was dealing with a troubled mind. Takes her revenge on them but she also takes it out on the wee delivery pizza man. In your struggle to survive, you find Emily’s drawings throughout the house, depicting how to “live” and gives you an indication of what has occurred within this residence. You will find recordings from the parents explaining the turmoil of their lives. Although, Emily and her parents perceive their livelihood differently. It’s up to you to decide whose side of the story you believe. After investigating the house, there are signs of what trauma occurred and those details explain how Emily wants to play. Once you gain your flashlight, midnight strikes and the taste of what to come begins.

The game goes through hours of midnight to 6 am, you must play with Emily no matter the cost of your life. Playing with Emily includes her toys as well. With each passing hour, introduces her toys and eventually Emily and with each toy there are instructions with how they want to play with you. When you do not follow instructions, what happens to you? You will meet an untimely demise and your consequence is….to start over from the hour that you “died” on *tread carefully and follow the rules of the game*.

With each hour that passes by the game becomes progressively harder for you to survive from. The instructions will change with each toy that is introduced keeping you guessing on what your next move will be. Be mindful of your surroundings and keep your ears open for the sounds that are around you, for they will be your biggest ally in your quest to survive. Be forewarned, the final hour is your biggest challenge because all the toys and Emily come out to play, do you think you have what it takes to endure this onslaught to achieve freedom?

Few drawbacks I shall mention, would be the game was too heavily induced with jump scares and the sounds blended together with surrounding environments. The jump scares are valid as a method that works on scaring the player, however, the overall feeling of the environment should fluidly change as well to enhance the overall atmosphere of the gameplay. Now for the sounds overlapping each other is troublesome due to the player listening for the next attack while the environmental sounds are going off.  Makes the game challenging but at times it comes across being unfair. For example, coming back to life hearing the clock striking the hour but then come to find a toy in your face. What I learned and love about this game would be the simple fact of how the creator was the only one who made this from scratch *kudos man! *.

Emily Wants To Play PC Game 2
My final thoughts *aka my-retro-spec-reflecting-time*of Emily Wants to Play are for being a self-created one-man band game, it was well done. A few design flaws did not detour me from enjoying and completing this game plus, the concept was intriguing to learn by adapting to each hour to await what comes next enticed me more so to continue. As well as the outcome of what will happen to the lonely pizza guy or learning more about the story of what really happened in the house *which I still have many questions about the story! *. The scare factor was there as well to keep me entertained throughout the short experience. If you are looking for a quick game to play or mess around with friends this is one, I recommend you check out.


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