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Star Wars Beta and Game PlayNReview

“The Good, The Bad, The Rebel, and The Empire” – CutieRoo

Star Wars is one of the biggest franchises known to kids, teens, adults, and even to the older generation (The people who were around when it first started) literally has become a household name. It has evolved into books, comics, television, movies and of course video games. There have been many different genres and titles throughout the span of the Atari, NES, SNES (etc.) and to today consoles, but one in particular that I want to discuss is the new Star Wars Battlefront *squeals with glee*. Now when I first heard about this game coming out I freaked out with excitement because there have been past Star Wars Battlefront games. However, we hadn’t had one come out in quite some time. Not to mention this game was coming out the same year that the new Star Wars Episode XII movie was coming out, so I couldn’t even imagine the possibilities of what was going to be on this game. I was even more pleased that the creators from EA Dice games launched a beta for the game to get the voice of the community to see what they liked, didn’t liked, and what would like to see.

During the time I got to try out this game extensively when the beta launched (and I played it at D23)  and right off the bat, I was immediately impressed with how the game looked. Environments of the game play is astounding! Being able to have the sun literally blind your eyes during and have it affect your shooting is CRAZY! Do not even get me started on the graphics because it really does feel like the Star Wars universe. The layouts of the maps felt alive almost like you are being on the planets themselves and how they were shown in the movies. This is a great thing to see along with the maps being super huge due to supporting the huge battles that were happening with the masses of people online (can have 40 man battles on certain maps). Now the game itself was built to be an action shooter that you would play online with other players and it mainly focused on that. It does have a first person/co-op mode where you complete missions and the objectives in them. My tip to try that out first to get a feel for the game instead of jumping into the heat of battle against veterans of the game (unless you like the challenge like I do). Now during the beta, they limited you to a few varieties for the game to try such as Walker Assault, Drop Zone, and Survival missions. Each being different with style, the amount of players allowed (they have 40 player maps, say what!) and environments. I enjoyed each single one, and was very happy to see that beta really cares about the consumer’s opinion and gave you a quick 1 min survey at the end of the missions.

Then finally after the game was fully released I went full bore into it, and there was so much more to offer from the beta that I didn’t even know where to start. Now it was confirmed with the release that there was no story mode with the game, and it was technically not a sequel to the other games before it but more of a reboot. To some it was a bit of bummer to see as for myself I did agree with this side of the community, although I still loved the game for what it brought to the table and for what it was. I say this because around this day and age games are more focused on being online multiplayer based games, so I can see why they went this direction and it did work because it was completely different to the other games out there and it completely worked. There are some interesting features that stood out to me like the option to adjust the game for colorblindness. I thought that was super cool to have this option for gamers who suffered from this. The feel of the game is surreal to say the least. Every drop of rain that falls onto the view of your helmet or the way your footsteps sound as you move across the map or the rust and dirt of your armor. These are just some of the breathtaking attention to detail and features this game provides.


 Once the release of this game, I got to explore more what they game provided. Now there are tons of different match styles for you to play and enjoy, such as Heros vs Villains; where you are put into a match and you get to play as the iconic hero’s such as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, or Princess Leia and the villains are Darth Vader, Boba Fett, or Emperor Palpatine *I know right? so Awesome! *. Plus, modes like Fighter Squadron where you flying in the air fighting tie fighters and x-wings and blowing them out of the sky (just keeps getting better and better). I won’t spoil to much detail on all of the modes just so you have some mystery left to find in the game, because this game does provide you to let you live out intense battles and heroic moments. Be warned though say you are into the heat of the game and you need to go to the bathroom, don’t be too long though because if your idle for a certain amount of time you will get kicked off *Warning time! *. Also this is a very fast-paced game so need to be very aware and adaptable to your surroundings because you are going to die if you don’t pay attention. This between everything else in the game provides a great challenge for gamers, and this is always what we are looking for to have those glorious victory moments and the salty rage moments to get us fired up.

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 All things considered, everything that you are looking for in a game; Star Wars Battlefront delivers it. In several ways this game really holds true to the iconic resemblance of Star Wars in many ways. Like the characters of the heroes or the villains, plus the epic- scale vehicles and infantry can tell that the love for this game really shined due to the authenticity of the whole style of the game. As well as providing so many different play styles to try out and enjoy. There are countless reasons why you should get this game and see for yourself what the hype is all about because it won’t disappoint.

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 Proofed by: R. Arias

 Device used for game-play: PlayStation 4

Review on: Star Wars Battlefront


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