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CutieRoo’s Resident Evil 7 Impression PlayNReview

“You know when you say you can’t sleep after being terrified because you will have nightmares? Well expect no sleep from playing this game” – CutieRoo

Once again Resident Evil has launched a new squeal to their ever growing franchise, however this new installment has quite the new twist at least that can be said from playing the demo that has been released early last week during E3 2016. After finding out this bit of news (hard to contain myself from all the E3 splendor) I went to my PS4 to download it and try it out myself (after the expo was done). My interest was piqued when watching the announcement and watching the live trailer, that this new game seems to have evolved entirely from the other releases before it; therefore I must PLAY! Some may say that this game is reaching back to its roots, but I say it’s a whole new game within this franchise. It is more heavily focused on the first person view and in no way it switched to a third person view like in previous games.

It is very realistic and definitely compatible to play off the console games, but this game is made for the Virtual Reality experience. This game not only brings back the horror but the suspense level intensifies by the sounds from your surroundings. I mean you hear the wood creaking with each step you take. Even running into the chairs and you hear the movement of the chair sounds they make! So being based on sound alone, it’s your own worst enemy because now you hear everything! From the sounds you make to the sounds that the predator makes, has the intensity level high and they are so high that you can feel your skin crawl.

I did find the idea of playing a game by diving in through the VCR (I am super happy that they used a VCR, to show how outdated this place is) by playing the game in that perspective rather fascinating. It was quite compelling being inside the videotape and telling the story through the captured moments on cameras point of view, really makes me anticipate future ideas to come. It’s refreshing when I see originality and I really love identifying these factors.


Let’s not forget about our jump scares!  They do have them in this game but it’s not heavy enough for you to become numb to it. Being able to be scared by a moving female dummy doll (with no arms) is not to be taken lightly because cues like this are tied to the clues in the game. For instance, the endings remain the same, but during the order you discover/locate items or even direction of the game will greatly change the outcome of what will come next.

The balance that has been created by the team of Resident Evil 7 is quite exhilarating and breathes new life into the franchise. With attention to the jump scares, sound effects, being visually realistic, and clues that answer and create more mysteries, are compelling reasons why I would buy this game to play it. Even more so, because I am so excited to see what they have in store for the game, as well as for the future of Resident Evils.

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