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Never Alone Review- Based on the Natives in Alaska The Culture and Their Community PlayNReview

“When video games meet reality on a historical level; a great and insightful game is born” – CutieRoo

Never Alone is puzzle-platformer with striking visual design and most importantly the story that covers actual folklore of the indigenous people of Alaska the (Inupiaq) tribe. This game has been very different for me to play that instantly grabbed my attention and had me extremely excited to play. Another intriguing fact to this game is how it is designed around two characters that you will play as, making the controls and style of how you approach this game more creative in order to progress and see the epic story unfold with these two characters. Just so you’re not left wondering, you play as a girl from the Inupiaq tribe named Nuna and her little friend the arctic fox *the fox is so freaking cute and adorable, I love! * and you two will traverse throughout the harsh environment of Alaska to see what is causing such terror to their homeland.

Taking to the fact the game is so immersed into the history of the Inupiaq tribe is what got me to play, I became interested in learning about the tribe while going on the journey of our characters. I couldn’t put the game down. The game was developed by Upper One Games in combination with Cook Inlet Council (it’s a non-profit organization that works with indigenous groups, particularly the Alaskan Tribes). *Fun fact*This game is the first game to be released by an indigenous group ever in US history. All the art, story and development of the game was created through the Alaskan tribe to bring up awareness of the Alaskan culture and to entertain the gamer into a fun educational game that was to help the community. All the proceeds that the game made was donated to the Education system to the tribe.

Furthermore, the story is told in a way that is not usual in modern day. The game is told through narration as you progress with the story, at the same time the narration is told in their native tongue while being translated onto the screen with subtitles. For this purpose, it gives the player a deeper understanding of the culture and appreciation of the how much this game has brought light to help revitalize interest; not just in the culture of the Inupiaq tribe but with culture around the world. This game could potentially open doors for how people may learn about history, to delve into the history and experience it for yourself (I personally would love to see this).

 Notably this is also a game that you can play either in co-op play or single player, although I highly recommend playing the game with a friend in co-op. Of course playing the game as one player is neat and it really is testing your skills due to swapping between the girl and the fox. In spite of this, sometimes the controls are not responsive and it causes you to die due to the numerous ways you can die. For example, the ways you can die is from moving platforms, weather conditions of the blizzard and the enemies that are surrounding you. There is a man who comes to attack you too…. That’s another way to die… a very mean man. Who does mean things….

Indecently after I did beat this video game, there was a bonus video that I made to show what information they provided about their culture-

The video provides information about their history, how their culture functions, and the artifacts that you learn about.

Ultimately for what Never Alone represents and as a game itself this is a passionately enjoyable. The work done by the developers of Upper One Games creatively captures what the Cook Inlet Council was trying to accomplish by helping inform, recognize, appreciate who the Inupiaq tribe are. I do hope more games are created in the future about other cultures from the past and present day, to bring more light into the world and the many different cultures that are out there. I implore you to try this game out for yourselves and broadened your mind and knowledge of the world that we live in, and check out Never Alone and enjoy, struggle, and survive with the characters as if you were there yourself.

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**Disclaimer Notice**
I provide my opinion of experience with the video games I review by being a consumer and share my voice in the gaming industry.

 Proofed by: R. Arias

 Device used for game-play: Wii U

Review on: Never Alone


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