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Ori and The blind Forest- The light comes up bright from the night PlayNReview

I am getting right to it and I want to start off by getting this out in the open as soon as I can. Ori and the Blind Forest is one of the best games and most refreshing that I have played in a long time. Right as I jumped into playing the game, the intense challenges I had to face and overcome lasted to the very end of the game and I did not have a single moment that was dull, enticed, or boring. I just kept getting swept off my feet continuously and there was no way to stop me (maybe real life responsibilities). There are so many significant elements to Ori and the Bind Forest that cover the whole spectrum of what most of us desire in a game.Be it from the tantalizing visuals, the epic music, the overwhelming obstacles you face, or a touching story but  you can’t help but want to learn and play.

To say nothing of the story would be a crime. It starts off as you playing as a forest spirit who encounters and befriends a bear like guardian but soon things turn for the worse as an enormous-fowl- dark owl who damages and nearly destroys the spirit tree from the light it was giving off. The light is scattered and you have lost your friend and the land has become broken this story is set! Are you ready to take the challenge *I know I was, and so glad I did*? However, I must warn you that you cannot play this game in a casual manor, right from the start of the game the demand of attention to all the details you will come across is high so make sure you pay mind to this and not miss a single detail or it might come back and bite you. Most games, you can slide with just going forward hoping up to the next platform and make way to your finish point but not here. For example, the graphics are quite eye catching and there is just great visual with pops of color in the correct places to leave you experiencing breath-taking scenery throughout the game. This in fact brings success to the developers since you will be taken by the art style, you may not notice the obvious hazards since they seem to be part of the background. Be mindful of this to keep from sustaining to much damage or even worse death *Dying will probably happen a lot*. There are much more dangers you don’t even want to fathom. Now the story does unfold further as you venture  into the destinations as you explore more of the map. As you do this, you will realize that some paths may look the same  which is okay because there are a lot of the map that interconnects so if you see the same place twice, you are not necessarily going into circles.

To explain what type of genre this game is a platform-adventure but does tie in some RPG elements such a character build on abilities, exploration,  and some puzzle-solving challenges making the game another success in the technical side of things. There is quite a bit of emphasis on these elements which is one of the reasons why  Ori became one of my insta favorites for my list *I love my RPGS*. Now the character build will become your best friend as you progress throughout the game. You will be tested with your own skill as you unlock more for your character because each new ability will change your style of playing for better or worse depending on how you build. Learning the arc of the motion is what is key to help you further your skills but timing is most essential because you need to be able to evade the enemies’ attacks while attacking them at the same time (your orb is what I am referring too, your main attack) as soon as that concept develops and further aids you with your gameplay. Also, when you feel limited, do not fret because that is  happening for a reason. Just remember all those times in Zelda games where you found the chest but limited into getting it because you needed a specific item (or just use glitches to get it) the same concept applies here.

Although this game is one of my favorites and I love playing it doesn’t mean there weren’t a few things that I didn’t like about it but that didn’t change my mind. One thing that stood out to me is that the game is limited on the combat system making you have to fight in such a small radius and dealing with enemies that reappear after leaving a certain amount of distance (normally leaving the screen). A Very huge setback for me to learn after completing the game was that once you beat the game you are unable to go back into the file. So for anyone who is a completionist, be forewarned because this will change your mind on getting the items at another time. Might want to get them before the game ends, especially once you have all of Ori’s abilities. This being said, I still plan on playing and beating this game as a speed run, it will be completely different from playing it the first time I did taking my time collecting all the life, energy, and experience orbs that took several hours in completing. To now changing my method of playing by beating this game in an hour with not a lot of the life, energy, and abilities. Don’t worry it can be done just takes practice *I am still working on it, but I know I can do it*.

To sum up, these are the many reasons why I love Ori and the Blind Forest and has become one of my top favorites out of all the game I have played. I encourage players to give it a try to test themselves as a game and to really enjoy an indie classic that will open your mind and it will find a way to make a small place into your heart *favorite game list, your call*. This games finds a way from the epic music that draws you in and makes you feel more like you’re in the game itself (more than you will realize) to the beautiful world created in the most inspiring artistic style that just takes your breath away, this game brings all this and more. I am able to appreciate this Indie game with the style of platform-adventure and makes me feel addicted by adding in those RPG elements *they knew my weak spot*. If you don’t mind putting aside 10 hours and probably 300+ deaths (yes you will die a lot)  it is worth playing and experiencing the beautiful world while listening to an amazing soundtrack and playing on graphics that will stun your eyes. I say give this game a chance because you won’t be disappointed.

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 Proofed by: R. Arias

 Device used for gameplay: Steam, PC

Review on: Ori and The Blind Forest




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