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Video Game Therapy Talk

In all honesty, I believe that video games can be used in a way for your mind to maintain a stable and healthy level with your mental health. Every part of our well-being is important to take care of such as our body, mind, and spirit; to achieve our version of happiness.

Video games are making a huge impact in the world making the gaming industry flourish and being able to make sure to be proactive and productive with them is by acknowledging the fact that the main reason (well there are many) but one of the main reasons is that our minds are stimulated and being able to play and learn. This enhances how we use our mind and how parts of our minds respond to what is being learned. I believe that gaming enhances many things, like our visuospatial abilities or the cognitive part of learning. 

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There are studies where people will trigger different parts of the brain forcing the person to adopt behaviors that are more “suitable.” The thing that amazes me is that people ignore their mental health or view the stigmatism of the mental health in a highly negative and misunderstood way. 

However, I believe that video games are advancing so much that they will be able help a person’s cognitive abilities. Additionally, we have the technology to help with curing/coping our mental health better and technology is still advancing. More importantly, it presents us with more resources and opportunities in regards to mental health. 

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I think with video games becoming more open and encouraged to our society, and with the uprising in trends and popularity. I think it’s important to be reminded of why we love games and why we play them to begin with. That’s because we are all playful people! 

Plus, with the diversity and variety of the amount of video games that are out there I would encourage myself to go on and research to see which game matches best to the mental disorder. For example, with the video game Tetris (studies have been proven) that it helps with PTSD and the flashbacks aren’t as frequent. Tetris essentially helps with coping the traumatic experiences that one faces when encountered with the disorder.  

Video games can be used in many therapeutic ways. Like video game therapy in group dynamic settings or cognitive-behavioral therapy or even help depression/autism by playing with others online. 

I see many benefits in using the practice of video game therapy and I someday will accomplish my goal of being a Video Game/Mental Health life coach. I want to bring positivity into the world by helping others with my kindness and compassion towards those that are wrongly victimized. 


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