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My PlayNReview of Populace Gaming

“Don’t let the power of abuse win against your soul, because darkness will be exposed and the reckoning is a light that binds. Beware of how people treat you cause it’s never worth your soul & life to be abused. Love and never give up; on others and in yourself. When darkness consumes, it’s an empty hollow friend that pretends and tricks you in the end.”

There are times in one’s life where you have stepping stones. Populace Gaming was just that for me. I have learned and experienced a lot, in the time I was with the group. I am amazed how people are glistened by fear, and unable to speak up because of it. Even more the lack of effort to care when it’s most necessary.
I am saddened to say that I am leaving, but I cannot be a part of this group anymore because of how the members treat each other. In fact, this is the MAIN issue people suffer from. By treating each other with disrespect/hate whether it’s in the gaming industry or not. We as people need to be held accountable and responsible for our own actions. I have made mistakes, I have apologized, and I have gotten stronger because of them. I hope the same in return will happen for Populace Gaming. Either way, the point I am making is we need to treat each other better. As well as to be honest with others and to express if anything seems hurtful/harmful to you or others.

My time was not spent wasted, but spent as a way to better myself. This helped me realize what I have been neglecting within my life, and now I am going to focus on what is best for me. It’s unfortunate that the turn of events turned out this way, but I need to be happier. It will be my top priority. After many life events with my family members, I decided to go back to school and found out that I have a year left for my Bachelors of Science degree. Then I will start my Masters (in psychology) immediately afterwards.

I want to be able to provide more to my streaming channel, by incorporating psychology concepts while speed running​ for charity. One day, I plan to provide more by creating and opening a business to help those in need. My story, my voice is still unfolding and can’t wait for the new adventures that are on my horizon.
I will treasure the time I spent with the group. I will pray that they will succeed but they have much to learn in order to grow. Hope to see them blossom into a group to be proud of. Until then, as Spock would say, “Live Long and Propser.”

There goodbye announcement to me


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