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Net Neutrality: Big Problem, Easy Solution.

Some people like to think that Net Neutrality is a partisan issue. A divisive subject that sways with your political leanings. If you are one of these people it will shock you to learn that this is not the case. At all.

Cutieroorgamingreviews.com isn’t a soap box. We know that. No one here is going to get you to claim that the sky is red, or that government is too big or too small. We deal in entertainment, and the enjoyment coming from it. Video games, pop culture, and fun. That’s what we like, and we know you like it too. Unfortunately, we have to get “real” for a second because net neutrality is something that affects us all, and if we lose it… It’s gone for good. There is no coming back.

Take a moment and think of your home. Think of the art on your walls, the books on your shelves, and the movies next to your tv. Pretty sweet right? I know I love my stuff. Every last thing in my household is something that I chose to spend my time and money on. It’s all great!

Now imagine that someone gets to come into your house, and then decide what you get to put on display. Everything else goes into the attic. It isn’t gone, but it’s sure as shit a lot harder to find/access. This is a very derivative analogy of why Net Neutrality matters. Someone is going to curate your internet experience whether you like it or not. Mind you, it may not start out that way. It will start with the telecom companies claiming that since larger websites have more traffic that they should pay more. Sounds reasonable, right? Well it isn’t. What about the kid down the street that comes up with the next big thing? Boom! They go viral, and suddenly their website is the go-to site for everyone with a connection. But wait! They don’t have the “Fast Lane” access that bigger sites do because they are just starting up. Suddenly, their site is getting throttled, people can’t access it, and the telecom company is stating that they will need to upgrade their service to support more people. They have to pay to play. That means more money divested away from growing their service/product/whatever. Prohibited entry fee, and if they cannot pay it… Well sucks to be you. Get that corporate cheddar, GTFO.

Now you may be thinking to yourself; “That seems a little extreme for an example.” You’re right it is, and I did that on purpose. Why? Because it is absolutely in the realm of possibilities. If we give these giant companies an inch they will take a mile, and there won’t be any way to come back from it.

“We would like you to not charge companies based on their data usage, or give better service to the companies you have made deals with. We think everyone should have fair access,” our future selves say.

“You want us to not make money off of this?” Replied the company. “LOL!”

I don’t know about you, but if I know one thing about business; they like making money. A lot. A lot more than they like you. That’s the nature of our economy. It’s why it works, and it isn’t a bad thing, within reason. However, what the opponents of Net Neutrality are trying to do isn’t reasonable. In the “Age of Information” the internet is a utility like the water flowing to your sink. Some might argue that the internet isn’t needed for survival, and you’d be right. But, try telling that to the CEOs of big corporations, or stock brokers, or even that grandparent of yours who spends all day sending you cute videos of laughing babies and photos that they found of you when you were younger. Ask them to not have access to the internet. Watch as they casually say “F- that!” and return to making money, trading stocks, or sending you cat videos. The internet may not be essential for survival, but in this modern age it is essential for life.


So here is what’s up. Since this is (wrongly) a divisive issue here are two arguments. One for each side:

If you are Liberal” “Big Business is trying to censor your lives and take away your freedom!”

If you are Conservative: “Big business is trying to censor your lives and take away your freedom!”

If you are apathetic or in between: See both examples above.


It’s easier than it’s ever been to contact your representatives. Pretty much every single one of them has their own website or twitter. Tell them your feelings on the matter, and then if they don’t listen hold them accountable when you go vote. It’s just that simple. We give them their jobs, and if they don’t do their jobs they should be let go. Like it is for literally everyone else.


Photo by Camilo Sanchez (Own Work) [Public Domain]


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